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Global Income and Growth

First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Aug 23, 2016

For investors looking to generate consistent total returns, a broad exposure to various asset classes with the potential of stability and long-term capital gains is always a viable option. The portfolio team of the First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund searches for investment opportunities with a long-term global perspective and a steady focus on income generation and long-term growth of capital.

Income Builder through Value Investing

First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Apr 05, 2018

Valuation drives everything, according to Sean Slein and Kimball Brooker, portfolio managers of the First Eagle Global Income Builder Fund. Investing with a perceived “margin of safety” in equities and fixed income, the fund aims to provide both current and future income. With a flexible, bottom-up approach, the team can go anywhere it concludes there is value—including cash—while keeping a steady focus on avoiding the risk of capital impairment.

Long-Term Global Value

First Eagle Overseas Fund


Nov 15, 2012

As business has turned global, the distinction between developed countries and emerging economies has given way to multinational companies that benefit from exposure to both market types. Abhay Deshpande, portfolio manager of the First Eagle Overseas Fund, explains how his team seeks to capitalize on this rapid expansion by scouring the globe for undervalued opportunities and utilizing diversification in an attempt to contain risk.