Federated Funds(3)

Unlike the U.S.

Federated International Small Company Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Aug 01, 2006

It probably comes as a surprise to many Americans, but the U.S. accounts for only 45% of the world market capitalization. More importantly, it presents investment opportunities that cannot be found domestically. Leonardo Vila, portfolio manager of the Federated International Small Company Fund, would dig through the entire supply chain to find the right small company of an investment theme.

High Yield in High Business Quality

Federated Institutional High Yield Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Feb 16, 2017

High yield bonds issued by heavily leveraged companies often garner most skeptical views from rating agencies. However, even under a debt-laden capital structure, high quality businesses will often deliver attractive returns for investors. The team behind the Federated Institutional High Yield Bond Fund seeks to invest in leading businesses with strong franchise value. 

In Search of Inflection Points

Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

May 04, 2015

With more than 3,000 companies in the small-cap market, a disciplined and focused investor prepared to conduct original research has an advantage. The portfolio managers at the Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund, supported by a stable team of in-house analysts, have a clear goal to invest in companies undergoing positive changes.