Empiric Funds(2)

Embracing the Right Level of Risk

Empiric Core Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Oct 05, 2007

As a globally diversified core equity fund invested in companies of all sizes and market segments, Empiric Core Equity Fund is trying to rotate its multiple structured investment strategies in order to stay consistent with the current market. Portfolio manager Mark Allen Coffelt evaluates securities in the fund every day, comparing each to the opportunities currently available in the global market.

Different Styles for Different Times

Texas Capital Value & Growth Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

May 26, 2006

Texas Capital Value & Growth can easily turn from a micro-cap growth fund to a blue-chip value fund within a year. The manager Eric Barden believes that life is too short to fight the market, so he’d rather evaluate the relevance of 50 strategies to the current environment. In essence, the fund aims to develop the optimal company profile for the current market and then looks for the securities reflecting that profile.