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Seeds of Growth

Edgewood Growth Fund

US> Health/Biotechnology >

Feb 24, 2010

Consistent earnings are undoubtedly a long-term driver for stocks. Alan Breed and his associates at Edgewood Growth Retail Fund devote their investment skills and resources in selecting companies with a track record of earnings growth and balance sheets healthy enough to withstand business cycles.

Value Through Earnings

Edgewood Growth Retail Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Jan 15, 2008

Investing in growth stocks restricted to U.S.-located and traded businesses is quite a challenging task today, when the US economy is clearly not the growth engine of the world. Edgewood Growth Retail Fund manager Alan W. Breed and his team of portfolio managers face this challenge and look to invest in high-quality, large-cap growth companies when they are trading at very attractive valuation.