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Category Average Return
Ticker Fund 2021
ACSI American Customer Satisfaction ETF 19.49%21.93%22.86%-4.97%
AIRR First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance ETF 26.1%16.72%34.16%-20.57%
AMJ JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETN 30.45%-36.31%-0.47%-12.84%
AMLP Alerian MLP ETF 30.75%201.88%-0.69%-12.66%
AMU ETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN 0%-38.42%-0.39%-13.26%
AMUB ETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN Series B 28.74%-36.03%-0.64%-13.33%
AMZA InfraCap MLP ETF 37.3%318.52%-5.98%-26.78%
ATMP Barclays ETN+ Select MLP ETNs 33.4%-34.38%1.98%-9.55%
BATT Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF 12.4%44.12%0%0%
BBC Virtus LifeSci Biotech Clinical Trials ETF -5.49%32.03%63.71%-18.29%
BBP Virtus LifeSci Biotech Products ETF -0.66%22.24%24.73%-13.95%
BBRE JPMorgan BetaBuilders MSCI US REIT ETF 32.05%-10.27%23.05%0%
BDCS ETRACS Linked to the Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index ETN 0%-25.51%18.37%-7.21%
BDCZ ETRACS MVIS Business Development Companies Index ETN 21.73%-20.53%18.18%-7.64%
BIZD VanEck Vectors BDC Income ETF 25.86%-18.03%19.3%-6.88%
BMLP BMO Elkhorn DWA MLP Select Index ETN 25.33%-24.23%0%-4.8%
BOSS Global X Founder-Run Companies ETF 20.3%48.71%24.49%-4.1%
BTEC Principal Healthcare Innovators Index ETF 1.18%51.72%39.64%-12.24%
BUY USCF SummerHaven SHPEI Index Fund 0%-18.02%12.5%-15.3%
CNCR Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF -0.85%35.45%24.19%-20.62%
EMLP First Trust North American Energy Infrastructure Fund 19.15%-17.73%19.9%-8.7%
ENFR Alerian Energy Infrastructure ETF 29.55%-29.68%16.02%-18.67%
ETHO Etho Climate Leadership US ETF 17.74%24.2%33.68%-5.02%
EWRE Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Real Estate ETF 31.08%-6.65%20.65%-4.11%
FCG First Trust Natural Gas ETF 64.81%-26.95%-17.64%-34.81%
FCOM Fidelity MSCI Communication Services Index ETF 25.31%26.83%25.85%-5.33%
FDIS Fidelity MSCI Consumer Discretionary Index ETF 16.03%48.12%26.32%-0.88%
FDN First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund 18.71%52.48%19.25%6.17%
FENY Fidelity MSCI Energy Index ETF 32.1%-36.21%3.29%-19.99%
FHLC Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETF 17.11%15.48%20.81%5.53%
FIDU Fidelity MSCI Industrials Index ETF 17.8%11.82%28.96%-13.85%
FMAT Fidelity MSCI Materials Index ETF 20.32%16.4%21.42%-17.4%
FNCL Fidelity MSCI Financials Index ETF 32.77%-5.67%29.33%-13.44%
FNG AdvisorShares New Tech and Media ETF 0%0%-33.14%-27.48%
FRAK VanEck Vectors Unconventional Oil & Gas ETF 46.91%584.78%2.29%-29.72%
FREL Fidelity MSCI Real Estate Index ETF 31.08%-9.33%24.82%-4.52%
FRI First Trust S&P REIT Index Fund 27.01%-10.56%20.58%-4.27%
FSTA Fidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETF 6.98%7.93%24.39%-8.49%
FTEC Fidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETF 21.45%43.47%47.65%-0.39%
FTXD First Trust Nasdaq Retail ETF 27.36%13.47%19.24%-2.04%
FTXG First Trust Nasdaq Food & Beverage ETF -48.17%5.3%22.64%-12.09%
FTXH First Trust Nasdaq Pharmaceuticals ETF 3.55%10.65%21.38%-9.5%
FTXL First Trust Nasdaq Semiconductor ETF 15.13%45.46%60.27%-14.47%
FTXN First Trust Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETF 28.72%-29.52%1.27%-20.99%
FTXO First Trust Nasdaq Bank ETF 32.92%-15.64%27.09%-21.78%
FTXR First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF 14.22%14.52%13.53%-15.26%
FUTY Fidelity MSCI Utilities Index ETF 8.8%-4.07%22.23%4.36%
FXD First Trust Consumer Discretionary AlphaDEX Fund 21.94%12.42%23.17%-11.6%
FXG First Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX Fund 11.61%2.96%19.03%-11.49%
FXH First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX Fund 18.83%28%22.26%-1.33%
FXL First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund 14.87%54.09%38.37%2.72%
FXN First Trust Energy AlphaDEX Fund 30%-24.94%-8.1%-24.78%
FXO First Trust Financial AlphaDEX Fund 32%2.63%24.27%-11.72%
FXR First Trust Industrials/Producer Durables AlphaDEX Fund 22.84%11.04%32.56%-15.12%
FXU First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX Fund 13.32%-2.84%9.66%5.44%
FXZ First Trust Materials AlphaDEX Fund 21.63%20.04%19.76%-22.62%
HONR InsightShares Patriotic Employers ETF 0%0%28.47%0%
IAI iShares U.S. Broker-Dealers & Securities Exchanges ETF 37.64%16.16%22.91%-9.47%
IAK iShares U.S. Insurance ETF 21.78%-6.17%24.27%-11.48%
IAT iShares US Regional Banks ETF 28.31%-11.3%28.53%-17.46%
IBB iShares Biotechnology ETF 16.18%25.97%24.71%-9.53%
ICF iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF 28.03%-53.94%23.07%-2.55%
IDU iShares US Utilities ETF 11.73%-52.72%21.65%3.93%
IECS iShares Evolved U.S. Consumer Staples ETF 8.71%7.82%24.48%0%
IEDI iShares Evolved U.S. Discretionary Spending ETF 14.7%28%28.65%0%
IEFN iShares Evolved U.S. Financials ETF 29.6%-4.05%30.68%0%
IEHS iShares Evolved U.S. Healthcare Staples ETF 18.12%15.77%0%0%
IEIH iShares Evolved U.S. Innovative Healthcare ETF 16.14%15.89%19%0%
IEME iShares Evolved U.S. Media and Entertainment ETF 11.07%23.62%19.25%0%
IEO iShares U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF 39.8%-35.15%7.98%-19.44%
IETC iShares Evolved U.S. Technology ETF 25.25%46.22%41.33%0%
IEZ iShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETF 18.78%-44.43%-0.02%-42.47%
IGM iShares Expanded Tech Sector ETF 23.84%43.97%41.02%2.26%
IGN iShares North American Tech-Multimedia Networking ETF 23.4%7.95%16.97%-1.97%
IGV iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF 19.69%51.95%34.29%12.44%
IHF iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF 17.78%15.62%21.63%9.56%
IHI iShares U.S. Medical Devices ETF -79.91%24.51%31.56%15.45%
IMLP iPath S&P MLP ETN 28.19%-36.76%2.81%-12.19%
INDS Pacer Benchmark Industrial Real Estate SCTR ETF 26.06%10.48%39.56%0%
IPO Renaissance IPO ETF 3.91%108.37%34.02%-17.24%
ITA iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF 10.98%-57.35%28.85%-7.22%
ITB iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF 32.35%25.62%48.14%-30.92%
IVENC Ivy Energy NextShares 0%0%0%0%
IXP iShares Global Comm Services ETF 22.17%20.9%22.36%-13.67%
IYC iShares U.S. Consumer Services ETF 12.38%-69.11%26.38%1.76%
IYE iShares U.S. Energy ETF 32.3%-37%3.85%-19.37%
IYF iShares US Financials ETF 28.16%-52.01%30.15%-9.39%
IYG iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF 26.86%-1.17%35.82%-12.56%
IYH iShares U.S. Healthcare ETF 19.1%14.53%19.07%5.8%
IYJ iShares U.S. Industrials ETF 18.41%-42.08%30.99%-11.69%
IYK iShares US Consumer Goods ETF 7.58%30.34%25.57%-13.84%
IYM iShares U.S. Basic Materials ETF 18.27%15.8%17.16%-16.63%
IYR iShares US Real Estate ETF 25.36%-8.15%25.09%-4.33%
IYT iShares Transportation Average ETF 16.35%12.77%18.89%-12.87%
IYW iShares US Technology ETF 28.12%-63.48%45.75%-0.93%
IYZ iShares US Telecommunications ETF 13.95%1.14%14.07%-8.59%
JHMA John Hancock Multifactor Materials ETF 20.58%14.11%23.21%-19.53%
JHMC John Hancock Multifactor Consumer Discretionary ETF 16.92%28.05%27.57%-6.96%
JHME John Hancock Multifactor Energy ETF 31.04%-38.46%3.69%-21.45%
JHMF John Hancock Multifactor Financials ETF 28.37%0.41%31.4%-13.39%
JHMH John Hancock Multifactor Healthcare ETF 18.06%14.98%18.1%2.1%
JHMI John Hancock Multifactor Industrials ETF 21.23%11.32%30.96%-11.93%
JHMS John Hancock Multifactor Consumer Staples ETF 9.6%6.66%22.28%-8.83%
JHMT John Hancock Multifactor Technology ETF 21.64%41.57%40.66%-3.3%
JHMU John Hancock Multifactor Utilities ETF 12.29%-8.87%19.45%5.58%
JXI iShares Global Utilities ETF 6.78%2.28%19.59%2.32%
KBE SPDR S&P Bank ETF 23.46%-11.57%27.22%-19.64%
KBWB Invesco KBW Bank ETF 34.8%-13.48%32.4%-18.3%
KBWP Invesco KBW Property & Casualty Insurance ETF 18.16%-4.74%25.56%-2.76%
KBWR Invesco KBW Regional Banking ETF 25.35%-12.35%20.46%-18.31%
KCE SPDR S&P Capital Markets ETF 32.83%26.47%24.07%-15.63%
KIE SPDR S&P Insurance ETF 18.64%-5.07%24.69%-5.99%
KOMP SPDR Kensho New Economies Composite ETF 13.93%59.92%0%43.66%
KRE SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF 26.83%-10.82%25.08%-19.01%
MILN Global X Millennial Consumer ETF 20.37%45.06%30.94%2.57%
MLPA Global X MLP ETF 29.1%247.97%4.91%-15.69%
MLPB ETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETN Series B 28.91%-38.52%-0.38%-8.79%
MLPC C-Tracks ETNs based on Performance of the Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental Index 0%-48.04%3.63%-14.88%
MLPE C-Tracks ETNs on the Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental Index 0%-48.34%3.58%-14.74%
MLPG ETRACS Alerian Natural Gas MLP Index ETN 0%-32.4%-5.88%-12.18%
MLPI ETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETN 0%-41.55%-0.62%-12.51%
MLPO Credit Suisse S&P MLP ETN 51.14%-42.39%2.66%-9.01%
MLPX Global X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETF 28%118.6%13.85%-15.47%
MLPY Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP High Income Index ETN 0%-35.28%-2.68%-15.32%
MOGLC Gabelli Media Mogul NextShares 0%0%-0.08%0%
MORT VanEck Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF 16.18%-30.15%12.53%-4.45%
NACP Impact Shares NAACP Minority Empowerment ETF 19.23%23.91%29.53%0%
NURE NuShares Short-Term REIT ETF 36.73%-11.74%22.15%0.02%
OIH VanEck Vectors Oil Service ETF 21.32%1066.67%-5.92%-45.03%
PBE Invesco Dynamic Biotechnology & Genome ETF 11.48%25.57%18.65%-0.19%
PBJ Invesco Dynamic Food & Beverage ETF 18.04%4.18%16.08%-11.21%
PBS Invesco Dynamic Media ETF 16.45%35.67%19.7%1.97%
PEJ Invesco Dynamic Leisure and Entertainment ETF 24.86%-11.28%13.37%-9.31%
PEZ Invesco DWA Consumer Cyclicals Momentum ETF 21.31%38.54%18.04%-6.85%
PFI Invesco DWA Financial Momentum ETF 26.01%11.35%35.41%-17.18%
PJP Invesco Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF 13.96%10.32%3.8%-1.78%
PKB Invesco Dynamic Building & Construction ETF 24.54%24.07%39.61%-31.11%
PMR Invesco Dynamic Retail ETF -99.76%-1.76%24.84%-8.26%
PNQI Invesco NASDAQ Internet ETF 12.96%61.38%28.75%-5.08%
PPA Invesco Aerospace & Defense ETF 9.52%-0.74%38.26%-7.51%
PPLN Cushing 30 MLP Index ETNs due June 16 2037 0%2.57%4.98%-19.63%
PPTY PPTY-U.S. Diversified Real Estate ETF 82.64%-11.7%26.05%0%
PRID InsightShares LGBT Employment Equality ETF 0%0%18.87%0%
PRN Invesco DWA Industrials Momentum ETF 13.12%35.6%33.95%-16.19%
PSCC Invesco S&P SmallCap Consumer Staples ETF 17.42%8.68%15.82%-6.72%
PSCD Invesco S&P SmallCap Consumer Discretionary ETF 40.46%27.76%16.37%-9.28%
PSCE Invesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETF 49.89%-41.34%-15.05%-42.98%
PSCF Invesco S&P SmallCap Financials ETF 18.91%-13.43%17.94%-8.43%
PSCH Invesco S&P SmallCap Health Care ETF 12.93%31.29%20.17%9.15%
PSCI Invesco S&P SmallCap Industrials ETF 19.46%11.09%28.92%-13.2%
PSCM Invesco S&P SmallCap Materials ETF 15.16%20.87%19.5%-23.28%
PSCT Invesco S&P SmallCap Information Technology ETF 21.58%27.53%39.03%-9.34%
PSCU Invesco S&P SmallCap Utilities & Communication Services ETF 24.89%1.56%7.01%-4.8%
PSI Invesco Dynamic Semiconductors ETF 25.06%56.24%51.57%-11.55%
PSJ Invesco Dynamic Software ETF 2.93%53.65%34.99%16.38%
PSL Invesco DWA Consumer Staples Momentum ETF 7.28%16.79%13.76%0.92%
PSR Invesco Active U.S. Real Estate ETF 28.88%-9.29%25.46%-4.58%
PTF Invesco DWA Technology Momentum ETF 12.58%82.35%46.71%0.01%
PTH Invesco DWA Healthcare Momentum ETF 4.99%67.25%34.45%-1.23%
PUI Invesco DWA Utilities Momentum ETF 10.25%-7.55%18.78%6.13%
PXE Invesco Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production ETF 64.2%-39.61%-3.34%-23.35%
PXI Invesco DWA Energy Momentum ETF 50.5%-37.25%-1.16%-27.56%
PXJ Invesco Dynamic Oil & Gas Services ETF 13.99%-47.59%-1.93%-39.83%
PXQ Invesco Dynamic Networking ETF 15.24%38.8%26.04%5.78%
PYPE ETRACS NYSE Pickens Core Midstream Index ETN 29.72%-32.39%8.5%0%
PYZ Invesco DWA Basic Materials Momentum ETF 29.03%13.7%19.01%-24.32%
QABA First Trust NASDAQ ABA Community Bank Index Fund 25.09%-13.63%20.79%-16.47%
QTEC First Trust NASDAQ-100-Technology Sector Index Fund 21.16%37.93%47.29%-4.62%
RCD Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary ETF 22%9.95%24.24%-8.79%
REM iShares Mortgage Real Estate ETF 17.45%-28.45%13.33%-3.09%
REZ iShares Residential and Multisector Real Estate ETF 36.33%-9.94%21.79%3.9%
RGI Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Industrials ETF 22.67%16.51%31.8%-13.23%
RHS Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF 5.54%3.69%26.05%-10.86%
RODI Barclays Return on Disability ETN 25.83%9.6%26.53%0%
ROOF IQ US Real Estate Small Cap ETF 22.94%-16.54%18.6%-11.37%
RORE Hartford Multifactor REIT ETF 0%-24.79%21.5%-7.55%
RTL Pacer Benchmark Retail Real Estate SCTR ETF 0%-46.34%11.79%-61.83%
RTM Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Materials ETF 23.31%20.56%22.85%-14.75%
RWR SPDR Dow Jones REIT ETF 27.81%-15.02%19.29%-4.47%
RWW Oppenheimer S&P Financials Revenue ETF -52.76%-3.89%28.63%-15.03%
RYE Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Energy ETF 32.32%-34.94%11.16%-24.68%
RYF Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Financials ETF 34.05%1.19%29.7%-15.82%
RYH Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health Care ETF 22.59%18.11%24.91%-0.66%
RYT Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Technology ETF 20.26%28.02%40.99%-0.61%
RYU Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Utilities ETF 10.34%-5.61%20.27%6.89%
SBIO ALPS Medical Breakthroughs ETF -6.4%21.4%49.96%-11.81%
SCHH Schwab U.S. REIT ETF 26.6%-17.38%19.68%-4.24%
SOXX iShares Semiconductor ETF 23.53%51%60.46%-6.49%
SRVR Pacer Benchmark Data & Infrastructure Real Estate SCTR ETF 20.08%10.55%39.6%0%
TETF ETF Industry Exposure & Financial Services ETF 0%0%0%-12.45%
TPYP Tortoise North American Pipeline Fund 26.56%-26.63%19.33%-11.13%
USAI American Energy Independence ETF 28.44%-22.19%15.78%-17.31%
USRT iShares Core U.S. REIT ETF 30.49%-11.32%22.77%-4.67%
UTES Reaves Utilities ETF 141.48%-2.57%23.58%5.21%
VAW Vanguard Materials ETF 19.83%17.02%21.59%-17.49%
VCR Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF 15.67%45.75%26.04%-2.31%
VDC Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF 9.72%7.01%23.51%-7.79%
VDE Vanguard Energy ETF 33.51%-36.36%6.46%-19.95%
VETS Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF 26.27%4.17%36.25%0%
VFH Vanguard Financials ETF 31.9%-4.19%28.8%-13.52%
VGT Vanguard Information Technology ETF 20.35%44.82%46.63%2.46%
VHT Vanguard Health Care ETF 17.32%16.68%20.15%5.58%
VIS Vanguard Industrials ETF 17.79%10.47%28.43%-14.01%
VNQ Vanguard Real Estate ETF 30.59%-8.37%25.17%-6.03%
VOX Vanguard Communication Services ETF 23.35%27.97%27.03%-16.75%
VPU Vanguard Utilities ETF 10.36%-4.6%21.83%4.38%
WIL Barclays Women in Leadership ETN 18.62%9.53%25.24%-11.78%
WOMN Impact Shares YWCA Women's Empowerment ETF 19.36%25.65%31.2%0%
WREI Invesco Wilshire US REIT ETF 0%0%14.26%-6.45%
XAR SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF 7.19%5.16%38.25%-4.58%
XBI SPDR S&P Biotech ETF -6.28%48.94%32.56%-15.28%
XES SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF 18.11%457.71%-10.62%-46.99%
XHB SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF 36.11%26.43%40.29%-25.72%
XHE SPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETF 15.81%32.04%22.23%8.9%
XHS SPDR S&P Health Care Services ETF 13.45%33.52%16.02%1.96%
XITK SPDR FactSet Innovative Technology ETF 4.23%89.79%37.02%7.6%
XKFF SPDR Kensho Final Frontiers ETF 0%0%34.09%0%
XKFS SPDR Kensho Future Security ETF 0%0%32.11%-0.53%
XKST SPDR Kensho Smart Mobility ETF 0%0%20.8%-19.96%
XLB Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund 18.73%17.86%22.1%-14.88%
XLC Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund 27.52%26.12%29.85%0%
XLE Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund 27.7%-36.88%5.51%-18.22%
XLF Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund 30.49%-4.63%29.46%-13.05%
XLI Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund 19.53%7.74%27.22%-13.25%
XLK Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund 22.44%41.53%48.38%-1.68%
XLP Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund 7.71%7.22%24.55%-8.07%
XLRE Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund 33.32%-5.51%25.52%-2.39%
XLU Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund 9.28%-2.97%23.01%3.94%
XLV Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund 18.68%11.37%18.18%6.28%
XLY Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund 13.52%27.71%27.11%1.58%
XME SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF 32.81%14.09%12.49%-26.78%
XNTK SPDR NYSE Technology ETF 15.8%72.55%37.34%-7.13%
XOP SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF 41.28%146.84%-10.45%-28.1%
XPH SPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals ETF 0%13.23%24.92%-15.32%
XRT SPDR S&P Retail ETF 50.31%39.8%12.59%-8.04%
XSD SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF 19.86%61.3%63.86%-6.35%
XSW SPDR S&P Software & Services ETF 16.33%51.22%36.13%7.67%
XTH SPDR S&P Technology Hardware ETF 0%-14.35%34.77%-13.64%
XTL SPDR S&P Telecom ETF 20.8%21.02%11.47%-6.6%
XTN SPDR S&P Transportation ETF 21.12%11%20.55%-17.26%
XWEB SPDR S&P Internet ETF 8.57%91.98%7.42%13.95%
YMLI VanEck Vectors High Income Infrastructure MLP ETF 0%0%-4.21%-11.43%
YMLP VanEck Vectors High Income MLP ETF 0%0%3.23%-19.85%
ZMLP Direxion Zacks MLP High Income Shares -54.15%346.94%4.08%-17.07%