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etf Performance

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Category Average Return
Ticker Fund                                                                              2021
AIQ Global X Future Analytics Tech ETF                                                                              -1.3%52%39.2%-14%
ARKQ ARK Industrial Innovation ETF                                                                              5.5%105.2%25.9%-7.9%
ARKW ARK Web x.0 ETF                                                                              -0.2%154.1%35.8%4.2%
ARVR Tactile Analytics ETF                                                                              0%0%0%-25.5%
AUGR Defiance Future Tech ETF                                                                              0%0%21.5%632.2%
CIBR First Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF                                                                              -8.6%47.8%28.2%1.5%
CQQQ Invesco China Technology ETF                                                                              9.8%56.6%33.6%-34.8%
DTEC ALPS Disruptive Technologies ETF                                                                              -5.2%43.6%34.9%-5.3%
EKAR Innovation Shares NextGen Vehicles & Technology ETF                                                                              4.5%62.9%20.5%-22.4%
EMQQ Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF                                                                              2.1%80.1%32.2%-29.8%
ESPO VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF                                                                              -2.3%84.8%41.2%-12.6%
FINX Global X FinTech Thematic ETF                                                                              -6.3%53.8%37.5%0.8%
FONE First Trust Nasdaq Smartphone Index Fund                                                                              0%0%7.5%-17.2%
GAMR ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF                                                                              12%77%14.7%-17.8%
HACK ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF                                                                              -5.4%38.6%23.2%6.6%
IPAY ETFMG Prime Mobile Payments ETF                                                                              1.7%33.6%41.7%0.9%
ITEQ BlueStar Israel Technology ETF                                                                              -5.3%59%37.6%-0.3%
IXN iShares Global Tech ETF                                                                              0.2%42%46.1%-5.4%
IZRL ARK Israel Innovative Technology ETF                                                                              4%34.1%19.2%-6.2%
KEMQ KraneShares Emerging Markets Consumer Technology ETF                                                                              0%0%26%-25.5%
KWEB KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF                                                                              10.5%57.7%29.8%-33.8%
LOUP Innovator Loup Frontier Tech ETF                                                                              8.3%86.8%31.8%-20.2%
OGIG O'Shares Global Internet Giants ETF                                                                              -1.3%107.4%36.9%-24.5%
PRNT The 3D Printing ETF                                                                              15.7%40.3%12.9%-17.8%
QQQC Global X NASDAQ China Technology ETF                                                                              0%0%0%-22.3%
QTUM Defiance Quantum ETF                                                                              7%41.2%47%-19%
SKYY First Trust Cloud Computing ETF                                                                              -0.1%57.4%24.6%6.6%
SMH VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF                                                                              4.7%54.5%62%-9.1%
SOCL Global X Social Media Index ETF                                                                              11%78.3%25.7%-16.4%
TDIV First Trust NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index Fund                                                                              2.7%14.7%30.6%-3.2%
XT iShares Exponential Technologies ETF                                                                              0.5%33.7%28.6%-4.9%