Dunham Funds(2)

A Unique Approach to Value Investing

Dunham Small Cap Value Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Jun 05, 2007

Stock selection is the key to successful investing in the small cap arena where the majority of stocks under-perform the market. Dunham Small Cap Value Fund has a team of six analysts whose job is to identify small cap stocks using a bottom-up fundamental stock selection process that have positive cash flow and are using excess cash flow to benefit shareholders.

Opting for Realized Gains

Kelmoore Strategy Eagle Fund

INT> Real Estate >

Jan 16, 2006

Using equities in a debt-like fashion is a rare approach, but Kelmoore Strategy® Eagle Fund convincingly executes it. The fund aims to achieve yields similar to that of junk bonds, but with the comfort of holding an A-rated equity portfolio. Using covered option writing, the fund's strategy relies on the safety net of large-cap bellwether names and on the manager's ability to pick the right entry points.