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Investing in Visible Change

Delaware International Small Cap Fund

GL> Precious Metals/Minerals >

Nov 02, 2018

Stock markets tend to underestimate the duration of a positive fundamental change and the sustainability of earnings growth. Focusing on this inefficiency, the Delaware International Small Cap Fund team analyzes the factors that drive earnings growth and its duration in areas neglected by the market. Portfolio manager Gabriel Wallach and his team have long-term experience in identifying above-average growth in small caps and international markets.

Total Return through Credit Selection

Delaware National High-Yield Municipal Bond Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Dec 08, 2014

The municipal bond market is regional and fragmented, and demands a deep understanding of the diverse base of issuers. The high-yield segment of the market is dominated by non-rated bonds that are issued by non-profit entities such as hospitals and charter schools across the nation. The municipal fixed income group at Delaware Investments has a focused team of managers, traders, and analysts searching for bonds that they believe can deliver superior total returns.

Dual Investing Approach to Global REITs

Delaware Global Real Estate Opportunities Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Dec 03, 2014

The real estate industry has transitioned to a much larger and global scale after the advent of securitization and the formation of the REIT structure. However, REITs are just as dependent on access to capital markets as local supply and demand factors. Bob Zenouzi and his team at Delaware Investments look for opportunities across the world in which companies are likely to outperform on a total return basis.

A Broad Selection of Small Caps

Delaware Small Cap Core Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Apr 01, 2014

Small-cap companies are under-followed and under-owned. Francis X. Morris and his team have an organized approach to select companies that are in the early part of the product cycle and have a catalyst to generate growth.

Location and Capital Cost Both Matter

Delaware REIT Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Mar 23, 2014

The real estate investment trust industry has evolved to almost 10% of total U.S. stock market capitalization in the last two decades. Once a cottage industry with a local focus, it now operates on a global scale.

Total Returns with Floating Rate Funds

Delaware Diversified Floating Rate Fund

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Aug 04, 2013

Floating rate funds invest primarily in bank loans that are below investment grade and have several risks including prepayment and can be illiquid and trade volatile. Delaware Diversified Floating Rate Fund invests across a variety of fixed income securities that offer better protection against credit risks

Total Return Driven

Delaware Corporate Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Sep 07, 2012

Although fixed income markets are efficient with respect to interest rate risk, regularly mispriced securities exposed to credit, prepayment, and liquidity risks offer premium return potential to investors empowered with the analytical resources to research companies and study their capital structures. Thomas H. Chow and his team at the Delaware Corporate Bond Fund scour the fixed-income marketplace for relative value across the full spectrum of capitalization, industries and regions.

Yield Stream

Delaware Dividend Income Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Oct 14, 2004

Investors who want stable returns, low price volatility and fund managers staying on top of the yield curve will like what these three fund managers have to say...

Better Investing

Delaware Trend Portfolio

US> Small-Cap > Value

Aug 09, 2004

Investing in small cap sector requires industry and company knowledge. In addition, investors have to be nimble and ready to withstand daily trading volatility. Investors in Delaware Trend Fund have enjoyed steady return over the last...

Going for the Good Growth

Delaware American Services Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Dec 15, 2003

John Heffern and Marshall Bassett run the Delaware American Services Fund with the belief that a good stock picker can spot a solid grower regardless of the valuation or the market’s latest flirtation with a particular sector. Heffern told Ticker how and why their fund remained in the top fifth of its peer group, beat the market handily, and did it without any exposure to tech and telecom.

The Worldly Goods

Delaware International Value Equity Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Dec 15, 2003

Not all the stocks and all the markets in the world are created equal, yet they get the equal treatment at Delaware International’s value shop in London. Rigidly following a time-proven investment discipline, Emma Lewis and her International Value Equity teammates dissect the world’s businesses looking for solid cash flows sold on the cheap side.

Teamwork Pays Off

Delaware Corporate Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Jan 08, 2003

When Jude T. Driscoll left Conseco Capital Management in August 2000 to head the fixed-income division at Delaware Investments, he brought along a bright young member of that firm's portfolio management team, Ryan K. Brist.

Smoother Ride Through Diversification

Delaware Diversified Income Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Sep 18, 2017

In an investment universe as broad and diversified as the global bond market, disciplined and well-prepared investors can choose from a broad array of opportunities. Macquarie Investment Management portfolio manager Paul Grillo and his team take a flexible approach managing the Delaware Diversified Income Fund by identifying opportunities with attractive risk/reward profiles from various sectors around the world. 

Cash for Free Cash Flows

Delaware Small Cap Value Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

May 03, 2017

Separating winners from losers among myriad companies is never easy in the small-cap universe. Christopher S. Beck, portfolio manager of the Delaware Small Cap Value Fund, and the members of his team combine quantitative and qualitative research to identify companies that have the financial strength and proven capacity to generate steady free cash flow. 

Responsible Income

Delaware Wealth Builder Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Sep 16, 2016

Investors looking for stable returns are generally prepared to give up some of the upside as long as they avoid most of the downside. Bob Zenouzi, portfolio manager of the Delaware Wealth Builder Fund, seeks better downside protection by following a total return approach to investing in growth stocks that display stable dividend profiles, together with a diversified mix of fixed-income securities

Selectivity in Corporate Bonds

Delaware Corporate Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Jan 05, 2016

Corporate bonds offer additional returns compared to government issued bonds, but selecting appropriate issuers requires considerable credit experience, especially when overseas issuers are concerned. Michael G. Wildstein, portfolio manager of the Delaware Corporate Bond Fund, and his team of researchers apply rigorous credit research to identify opportunities for income and capital appreciation.