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Defensive High Yield Play

Calamos High Yield Fund

GL> Health/Biotechnology >

Nov 11, 2008

High yield is typically associated with high risk, especially if compared to government bonds. For Nick P. Calamos, who leads the portfolio management team of the Calamos High Yield Fund, the high yield market segment represents an opportunity to participate in emerging growth companies with less risk than the equity. Focused on risk management, the fund aims to avoid disasters and buy the higher quality part of the high yield segment.

Looking for Global Low-Risk Opportunities

Calamos International Growth Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Mar 03, 2006

Nick Calamos, manager of Calamos International Growth Fund, believes that if you manage risk properly, the returns will take care of themselves. And there are plenty of risks in the international growth space, from macroeconomic policy risks to accounting or company-specific risks. That's why the fund sticks to a cash flow perspective and to investing in high-return businesses able to sustain market and credit cycles.

Collaring Equity Market Volatility

Calamos Hedged Equity Income Fund

US> Small-Cap > Core

Apr 27, 2018

With decades of experience in convertible bonds and options, the Calamos Hedged Equity Income Fund came in 2014 as a natural extension for Calamos Investments. The fund has two distinct parts – equities and options. While the equity investment represents a low-risk portfolio, closely based on the S&P 500 Index, the alpha generation comes mainly from trading options and constructing the best possible hedge for the specific market environment.