Buffalo Funds(3)

Fundamental Trends

Buffalo Mid Cap Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Jun 24, 2010

It is quite possible to invest profitably from trends if they can be defined and are measurable. The Buffalo Mid Cap Fund selects companies in industries that are growing at a faster pace than the economy along with having sustained long-term growth characteristics.

Finding Balance

Buffalo Balanced Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Growth

Dec 09, 2005

Balancing consistent income and capital appreciation is not easy, but John Kornitzer, the manager of Buffalo Balanced Fund, believes that investors pay for a special edge, not for following an index or buying Treasuries. The fund covers a wide spectrum of securities, including equities and high-yield bonds, to create a onestop investment for those who don’t want to spread their money across different funds.

When Solving Problems Adds Value

Buffalo Large Cap Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

Jun 08, 2015

If a company is capable of solving problems, it becomes mission critical to its customers, easily generating customer loyalty that translates into sustainable earnings. Elizabeth Jones and her team at the Buffalo Large Cap Fund scour the full spectrum of large caps to find companies of this kind at attractive valuation in industries set for long-term growth.