BlackRock Funds(6)

Selective Floating Rate Loans

BlackRock Floating Rate Fund


Jul 17, 2013

Floating rate loan funds have been around for a while, but only recently offer a daily liquidity. With its large and sophisticated infrastructure, BlackRock has an investment team that analyzes new loans coming to market in a disciplined manner on behalf of its clients.

Dividend Growers

BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund

GL> Precious Metals/Minerals >

Nov 08, 2012

Sustained earnings undoubtedly build capital for future expansion. Yet, undisciplined investments in projects yielding weak results will eventually catch up with a company’s stock price. At the BlackRock Equity Dividend Fund, Robert Shearer and his team of analysts seek to eliminate inflation and risk by reviewing companies with a track record of dividend payments and a plan to increase dividends.

Deep Dive in Credits

BlackRock High Yield Bond Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Aug 09, 2012

Investing in high yield securities calls for a deep understanding of companies, sectors and global macro events. At BlackRock High Yield Bond Fund, James Keenan and a dedicated team of research analysts approach their investable universe with an open mind to risk scenarios in search of companies with improving cash flows and positive business fundamentals.

Opportunities in Latin America

BlackRock Latin America Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Jan 11, 2010

As Latin America has matured in the past decade with governments following policies that encourage business creation, the region has emerged as risk-rewarding destination for savvy investors. William Landers, portfolio manager of the BlackRock Latin America Fund, explains how the fund benefits from an in-depth understanding of the region’s trends while consistently addressing stock-specific risk.

From the Minors to the Majors

State Street Research Aurora Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jan 01, 2003

Like a minor league ball player aspiring to make it into the big show, the five-man group that runs the State Street Research Aurora Fund also looks for promising talent that will move up from the small cap arena to larger market capitalizations. John Burbank has been with the fund since inception and assumed the role as lead manager in April 2001.

Consistency Through a Disciplined Diversified Process

BlackRock Basic Value Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Jul 31, 2015

Combining fundamental stock-picking with a complementary quantitative model, Bart Geer, portfolio manager of the BlackRock Basic Value Fund, believes the diversity and idiosyncratic drivers in his team’s stock selection and portfolio construction will perform at each point in the cycle, if executed well.