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Seeking Relative Value

BMO Short-Term Income Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Feb 13, 2012

When looking for steady returns in fixed income, investors can find out that they are still exposed to market losses and volatility. At the BMO Short-Term Income Fund, portfolio manager Vincent S. Russo and his team utilize a careful selection strategy with macro and micro criteria for their diversified portfolio of short term bonds.

Marshall Family Values

Marshall Mid-Cap Value Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Jun 13, 2003

If one looks for a Lipper top-quintile value fund that's overweight in industrials, and not in financials, it is a small surprise to find one in Milwaukee, Wis. Matt Fahey, the soft-spoken manager of Marshall Mid-Cap Value fund, told Ticker about the spills and thrills of value investing.

Mid Caps with Improving Fundamentals and Sentiment

BMO Mid-Cap Value Fund

US> Small-Cap > Growth

Jul 10, 2017

Although the mid-cap universe appears to be more concentrated compared to other segments of the market, sifting through this pool of 700 stocks calls for a well-defined process and clear objectives. Thomas Lettenberger, portfolio manager of the BMO Mid-Cap Value Fund, relies on a data-driven investment process centered on company fundamentals, investor sentiment, and a comprehensive risk framework to build a portfolio with the potential to outperform over a full market cycle. 

A True-to-Style Mortgage Fund

BMO Mortgage Income Fund

US> Large-Cap > Core

Apr 14, 2016

In the current volatile and low interest rate environment, fixed-income funds with stable returns are an important part of investment portfolios. For Daniela Mardarovici and Scott Kimball, co-managers of BMO Mortgage Income Fund, mortgage-backed securities represent a large and diverse universe that can offer opportunities in different market environments.

A Different Approach to 60/40 Allocation

BMO Alternative Strategies Fund

GL> Science/Technology >

Jul 14, 2015

Lowell Yura and his team at the BMO Alternative Strategies Fund seek to meet the changing needs of the traditional 60/40 investor. The fund provides risk-managed exposure to alternative investment managers in a daily-valued and liquid vehicle. Moreover, this relatively concentrated portfolio is constructed to provide downside protection across various market cycles.

Earnings Compounders in Emerging Markets

BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Aug 08, 2018

With incomes steadily growing in emerging markets, discretionary consumer spending has been on the rise as well. Portfolio manager Irina Hunter explains how the BMO LGM Emerging Markets Equity Fund scours these markets in search of companies that benefit not only from the growth in spending but also from compounding earnings at a steady pace.