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Ancora Special Opportunity Fund

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Dec 29, 2009

The essence of investing, after all, is making money through buying low and selling high. The key question is how to discern and evaluate those opportunities. Richard Barone, portfolio manager of the Ancora Special Opportunity Fund, relies on an analytical process that screens companies trading unusually low relative to their free cash flow, their net current asset value, or relative to a potential catalyst.

Micro Caps at Discount to Earnings Capacity

Ancora Microcap Fund


Apr 10, 2015

As a portion of the market with very little analyst coverage, the micro-cap space abounds in companies that are generally underfollowed or misunderstood by many investors. Denis Amato, portfolio manager of the Ancora Microcap Fund, uses more than 25 years of experience in identifying companies with strong balance sheets and unrecognized value.