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Multi-Manager Mid-Cap Value Strategy

American Beacon Mid-Cap Value Fund

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May 13, 2013

Mid-cap asset class has historically outperformed all equity classes with less volatility over the last three decades. American Beacon Fund manages its mid-cap fund with the help of three sub-advisors to deliver consistent returns over the longer terms.

Thorough Research of Emerging Markets

American Beacon Emerging Markets Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Aug 13, 2010

As a varied and often under-followed segment of the global marketplace, emerging markets call for rigorous research and local knowledge of companies, economies and markets. Kirk Brown, portfolio manager of the American Beacon Emerging Markets Fund, exploits opportunities in these markets with the help of two investment managers employing strict value discipline.

Multi-Managed Small Caps

American Beacon Small Cap Value Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Aug 06, 2010

Multi-manager funds typically have serious advantages when it comes to diversification and risk allocation. Portfolio manager Adriana Posada explains how the American Beacon Small Cap Value Fund harnesses the talent of five different managers to blend investment strategies that are closest to the fund’s investment philosophy.

Growth at a Discount

American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Sep 25, 2008

The top priority behind the management of the American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund is to build solid relationships with sub-advisors that share a core value philosophy, says fund manager Adriana Posada. The sub-advisors select stocks with above-market earnings growth potential which are also selling at a discount to the market. To determine a company’s growth prospects, they use a combination of internal and external research and analysis of economic trends.

Diversified in Managers

American Beacon International Equity Fund

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May 08, 2008

Multi-manager funds normally offer investors a greater level of diversification than could be achieved with a single manager fund. Fund manager Kirk Brown and the four sub-advisors at American Beacon International Equity Fund select securities based upon the security's valuation and investment growth rate relative to its country and industry. The sub-advisors each have a core value philosophy but each looks at things a little differently.

In Quest of Core and Catalysts

Stephens Mid-Cap Growth Fund, Stephens Small-Cap Growth Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Jan 29, 2008

Identifying high return companies in the relatively volatile small-cap and mid-cap space requires considerable experience and expertise. Ryan Crane, portfolio manager of the Stephens Mid Cap Growth Fund and the Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund, and his research team employ a judicious combination of fundamental and quantitative analyses in their unique dual-approach strategy to make money from growth investments for their two funds.

Multi-Manager Investing for a Smoother Ride

American Beacon Small Cap Value Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

May 19, 2017

A key advantage of multi-manager funds, among other benefits for individual investors, is the ability to provide access to high quality sub-advisors through their expertise and scale. Portfolio manager Cynthia Thatcher follows a disciplined process of identifying, monitoring and allocating capital to a selection of value managers under American Beacon’s investment model. 

Winning by Avoiding Losers

American Beacon The London Company Income Equity Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Oct 16, 2015

Stock investors are generally excited about finding companies that are growing rapidly but struggle in assessing losses embedded in that selection process. While the market is primarily focused on the growth story of investing, Mark DeVaul, portfolio manager of the American Beacon The London Company Income Equity Fund, insists that minimizing losses with the help of a rigorous process offers a unique way of generating consistent returns.

Common Sense Value

American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Value

Jul 09, 2015

Multi-manager funds offer certain advantages over funds with a single-manager structure. However, the process of identifying, selecting, and monitoring managers requires a clearly-defined theme and discipline. Adriana Posada at the American Beacon Large Cap Value Fund looks for managers who stick to the proven and repeatable process of picking growing but cheap companies.