AllianzGI Funds (5)

Short-Term Focus with Long-Term Merit

Allianz NFJ International Value Fund

US> Utilities >

Apr 23, 2010

Prudent investing should always subdue temporary concerns and anxieties in the name of long-term consistency. Baxter Hines, portfolio manager of the Allianz NFJ International Value Fund, and his team look for dividend-paying companies that are trading at a discount to their long-term value while possessing the necessary balance sheet strength to navigate volatile business conditions.

Quality, Growth, and Valuation

Allianz RCM Global Small-Cap Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Dec 18, 2006

With a global mandate for seeking small-cap growth opportunities and with global resources to draw upon, the Allianz RCM Global Small-Cap Fund feels free to invest anywhere in the world. Ideally, the fund would invest in growth companies in a growing industry. But since we don’t live in a perfect world, portfolio manager Tom Ross most often looks for the companies with consistent growth that outperform peers in their competitive environment.

Quality, Growth, and Valuation

AllianzGI Mid-Cap Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Value

Aug 09, 2017

Finding good companies that are struggling and out of favor is relatively easy, but understanding and detecting the drivers of improvement requires extensive research and knowledge. Steven Klopukh, portfolio manager of the AllianzGI Mid-Cap Fund, relies on the management team’s dedicated staff and sector expertise in identifying beaten stocks that are likely to regain their footing and create wealth for shareholders. 

Absolute Return Via Equity Index Options

AllianzGI Structured Return Fund

US> Health/Biotechnology >

Aug 09, 2016

Although many mutual funds use options, few products, including both retail and institutional, harness index options as their primary source of returns. Stephen Bond-Nelson, portfolio manager of the AllianzGI Structured Return Fund, highlights the team’s absolute return strategy, built around the index option market and designed to generate consistent returns regardless of market dynamics.

Earnings Compounders with Structural Advantages

AllianzGI International Growth Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jul 31, 2018

To stay focused on the long-term view, a manager has to be able to cancel out the short-term market noises. Robert Hofmann, portfolio manager of AllianzGI International Growth Fund, focuses on companies with structural growth drivers, sustainable business models and high barriers to entry and ferrets out earnings compounders.