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Finding Quality Growth

Alger SMid Cap Focus Fund

GL> Precious Metals/Minerals >

Sep 09, 2019

With a high-conviction portfolio of approximately 50 stocks, Matthew Weatherbie, George Dai and Joshua Bennett, managers of Alger SMid Cap Focus Fund, believe they have found the right spot to benefit from diversification, while concentrating on their best ideas. Specializing in smaller cap growth stocks, an under-researched part of the market, the fund is able to uncover growth opportunities early through intense research and a focus on quality.

Innovation, Demand and Regulations

Alger Health Sciences Fund


Feb 04, 2019

As one of the largest sectors of the economy, healthcare continues to grow driven by demand and innovation. However, the healthcare space is far from easy to navigate due to its dependence on government regulations, an unavoidable part of innovation. Teresa McRoberts, portfolio manager of the Alger Health Sciences Fund, focuses on key new products and pursues long-term growth, while being cognizant of the idiosyncratic risks in the sector.

Positive Dynamic Changes

Alger Spectra Fund


Oct 30, 2009

Not all large companies possess the dynamic traits that investors would like to see in their holdings. Patrick Kelly and Alger’s team of Analysts help the Alger Spectra Fund look for companies that are undergoing a Positive Lifecycle Change (e.g regulatory change, new product introduction, management changes), or experiencing High Unit Volume Growth (growing demand, market dominance), and generating earnings to create wealth for investors.

Concentrated in Dominant Niche Players

Alger Small Cap Focus Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Apr 18, 2017

Smaller companies with innovative profiles and leading positions in niche markets have the potential to maximize their profitable growth and eventually become successful large companies. Amy Zhang, portfolio manager of the Alger Small Cap Focus Fund, uses revenue as a threshold to identify companies displaying such promising characteristics early in their corporate lifecycle.