AdvisorShares ETFs(4)

Active in Short Selling

Active Bear ETF

US> Large-Cap > Growth

May 17, 2012

Most investors focus on benefiting from rising markets with portfolios diversified to include various asset classes that are expected to increase in market prices. However, historical data suggest that a vast majority of stocks fall in values in the long term. John Del Vecchio explains how the Active Bear ETF (HDGE) is designed to take advantage of market corrections and stock price declines.

Undiscovered International Growth

WCM BNY Mellon Focused Growth ADR ETF

US> Science/Technology >

May 01, 2012

As most international indices incorporate large companies, long-term investors may find that these benchmarks do not necessarily offer the best investment opportunities for their consideration. WCM/BNY Mellon Focused Growth ADR ETF invests in high quality names with a clear set of company-based criteria and a strict valuation discipline.

Systematic and Tactical Globally

Cambria Global Tactical ETF

US> Consumer Goods/Services >

Apr 25, 2012

From foreign stocks to domestic bonds, financial markets comprise a variety of asset classes that trade in non-correlated patterns. Cambria Global Tactical ETF capitalizes on such patterns in liquid markets worldwide by investing in asset classes that are trending higher while avoiding those poised for a downtrend.

Actively Managed ETFs

AdvisorShares ETFs

US> Consumer Goods/Services >

Apr 05, 2012

A growing number of advisors are looking beyond traditional long-only mutual funds and passive index-oriented ETFs to diversify market risks, manager risks and investment strategy risks for their clients. Noah Hamman, founder and CEO of AdvisorShares Investments, explains how the firm’s lineup of actively managed ETFs offers investment expertise that is generally not available to individual investors.