AdvisorOne Funds(2)

The Importance of Asset Allocation

AdvisorOne Amerigo Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Jan 25, 2007

For the managers of the AdvisorOne Amerigo Fund, it is much more important to be in the right part of the market than in the right security. Designed as a fund of funds that can be used as a core holding by advisors, the fund invests primarily in ETFs spread across multiple sectors, styles, and countries. Its risk budgeting strategy allows it to be well diversified and, at the same time, to take enough risk for bringing additional return.

Risk Allocator, Not Asset Allocator

AdvisorOne CLS Shelter Fund

GL> Natural Resources/Materials >

Sep 14, 2016

Stocks can potentially deliver gains in the long term as long as investors can stomach extended periods of market declines. However, sometimes investors are too quick to leave markets without benefiting from long-term returns. AdvisorOne CLS Shelter Fund employs a strategy designed to provide downside as well as upside protection, using volatility as an effective gauge.