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Going Global

Artio Global Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Apr 06, 2011

As investment opportunities are becoming increasingly global, a prudent selection of ideas inevitably requires a blend of a top-down and a bottom-up research process across various regions. Dimitre Genov and his team at the Artio Global Equity Fund scour the world for companies likely to benefit from the recovery in developed markets and the increase in consumption in emerging markets.

Disciplined in Growth and Value

Aberdeen U.S. Equity Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Nov 09, 2009

Most fund managers view risk as an afterthought when it comes to managing, but at Aberdeen U.S. Equity Fund, the portfolio managers consider risk before they purchase a stock. The fund management team excel in their consistent approach, staying in frequent contact with company management of their portfolio holdings.

Small Cap Diversity

Artio US Smallcap Fund


Oct 21, 2009

Sometimes it’s not enough for companies to simply have attractive earnings growth potential. The Artio US Smallcap Fund looks for companies that have the ability to generate excess free cash flow to sustain organic growth in sales and earnings or a turnaround of their consolidated operations. Led by Samuel Dedio, this small cap core fund seeks opportunities for growth and value in a broadly diversified portfolio, with normally between 40 and 70 individual companies.

Boundless and Borderless

Artio Global Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Mar 10, 2009

One of the tenets of the Artio Global Equity Fund is to apply different tactics to different regions and industries. With a consistent bottom-up approach within developed markets and a top-down methodology within emerging markets, portfolio manager Keith Walter goes beyond style definitions and category limitations to identify fundamental nuances that contribute to the strategy’s diversification and flexibility.

Think and Invest Globally

Julius Baer Global High Income Fund

US> Large-Cap > Value

Dec 08, 2006

The high yield world does not sound that risky when you talk to Greg Hopper, the manager of the Julius Baer Global High Income Fund. Spreading out of the traditional definition of the high yield category, the fund achieves diversification through investing in allied asset classes as long as they are senior to equity. A key feature of its strategy is the global approach and the equity-like analysis of the high-yield bond segment.

Seeking Returns Globally

Julius Baer Total Return Bond Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Dec 01, 2006

Yields on bonds may vary from country to country reflecting local economic growth and macro economic fundamentals of the country or the region. Investing globally in bonds requires an understanding of global economic currents, fund flows and currency dynamics. Don Quigley, co-portfolio manager of the Julius Baer Total Return Bond Fund, leverages these factors to enhance returns.

One Size Doesn't Fit the Globe

Julius Baer Global Equity Fund


Sep 28, 2006

A major differentiator for the Julius Baer Global Equity Fund lies in its stock-selection approach which varies across sectors and regions. A uniform, “one size fits all”, strategy would be too confining, as would adhering to a strict growth or a value discipline, according to the manager Brett Gallagher. He needs the flexibility to analyze what’s important to the market at a given time and an organization able to quickly process that information.

Capital Gains Come First, Yield Second

Julius Baer Global Income Fund

US> MLPs >

Jun 26, 2003

Morningstar recently upped its rating to five stars for the Julius Baer Global Income Fund. And for good reason. The multisector product managed by Donald Quigley ranked 12th among the 108 funds in the category for five-year performance. Average total return for the period as of June 15, 2003 was 7.31%.

A Strong Case for Investing in Central Europe

Julius Baer International Equity Fund

US> Large-Cap > Growth

Mar 10, 2003

Rudolph Riad Younes is the manager of over $1 billion in assets in the Julius Baer International Equity Fund of New York.

Searching for Quality in Small Caps

Aberdeen U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund

US> Multi-Cap > Growth

Jun 01, 2017

Small-cap companies have many opportunities to grow revenues and earnings, but not all of them are resourceful enough to harvest this type of growth. Ralph Bassett, portfolio manager of the Aberdeen U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund, applies a long-term perspective to building a concentrated portfolio of companies with capable management and sustainable competitive characteristics.