AXA Funds(3)

Merger Profits

AXA Enterprise Mergers & Acquisitions Fund

US> Mid-Cap > Core

Jun 22, 2007

In a category that is relatively inaccessible to individual investors, such as the booming mergers and acquisitions market, the AXA Enterprise Mergers & Acquisitions Fund emerges as a viable investment option. Focusing both on announced and potential deals in the U.S. and abroad, the fund is generally diversified across approximately 250 companies in order to capture low-risk returns when the deal is secure or large movements that result from potential takeovers.

Refocus on the Good Things in Tech

Enterprise Technology Fund

global> Infrastructure >

Jun 17, 2003

Dan Chung, who advises the Enterprise Technology Fund through Fred Alger Management, is upbeat on technology companies, especially the ones showing above-average growth during a tough time for the sector. With support from a deep, fundamentally based 25-person research staff, Chung has been able to locate some rising stars for investors, in addition to sticking with familiar names.

The Long and Short of It

AXA Rosenberg Value Equity Long/Short Fund

US> Small-Cap > Value

Feb 01, 2003

Since inception in 1997, the AXA Rosenberg Value Equity Long/Short Fund sports a three-year average annual return of 8.8%. With a 17% return as of Nov. 30, this fundamentals-based fund employs a balance of long and short positions that is backed by a expert team of researchers. Kathryn Mohan McDonald joined AXA Rosenberg in 1999 as a senior product strategist.